Schools vary in terms of the number of students and staff, location, size, layout, policies, and more. But the fundamentals for protecting students and staff remain largely the same.

VeriHelp Secured Schools is a subscription-based A.I.-powered program that alerts schools to potential incidents of crime, on-campus movement, and medical emergencies.

Detect Unauthorized Presence

VeriHelp’s user-friendly technology allows you to create custom zones and assign color-coded clearance to personnel for entry to specific zones.

Receive immediate alerts on your mobile and email when an intruder enters the premises or a student or staff member enters an unauthorized zone.

Unauthorized Presence
Unapproved Student Departure

Prevent Unapproved Student Departure

VeriHelp’s sensors can detect if students are leaving campus without proper authorization.

This could be students attempting to leave the campus during school hours without permission, and leaving alone or with adults that are not recognized as parents or guardians.

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Identify Abnormal Behaviors

VeriHelp’s A. I. sensors can detect behavioral aberrations that could indicate an undesirable incident.

This ranges from the unusual presence of an adult-child pair in a room to physical actions that may precede violence, or an unsteady gait that could indicate inebriation.

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High-risk Behavior
Medical Emergency
Recognize Medical Emergencies

VeriHelp’s A. I. sensors can distinguish between normal and unusual physical behaviors that could imply a medical emergency, and send alerts instantly.

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Why Should your School be VeriHelp Secured?

Safety is the silent differentiating factor that influences a parent's decision when choosing a school for their child. In a world where everyone is using CCTV cameras, schools that can position themselves as the frontrunner in child safety will stand out from the crowd.

In addition to world-class safety, VeriHelp Secured Schools enjoy a host of other benefits:

1. Employing preventive security measures safeguards your school and protects its reputation.

2. Pioneering the use of state-of-the-art security technology enhances your brand value and industry credibility.

3. Zero maintenance fees as VSS is responsible for all hardware and software performance and updates.

4. Increased revenue with higher admissions arising from a proven safety record.

5. School-level analysis and insights.

Friction-free implementation

3-Step Process


VeriHelp’s Installation team conducts a survey of the school premises to collect detailed measurements, identify the best locations for the sensors, and the timelines to install and activate the system.


Specialized A.I. sensors and a Visitors Registration Kiosk, proprietary to VeriHelp, are installed on the premises at no additional cost. After testing, the system is activated and seeded by enrolling students and staff members.


Within seconds of detecting a potential incident, VeriHelp relays emergency alerts via SMS, email, and voice calls to designated individuals, thus allowing administrators and campus security to intervene in time.

Once the system goes live, you can use the intuitive VeriHelp Secured Schools control panel to easily manage all aspects of your school’s enhanced safety.

Security Without Compromising your Privacy

VeriHelp goes to great lengths to protect the privacy of all individuals touched by our technology; above and beyond the privacy protection measures prescribed by law.

That is why Verihelp’s patent-pending technology performs a unique, irreversible data transformation that makes it impossible to reconstruct the subject’s personally identifiable information (PII).

A student’s PII is never stored by VeriHelp except in the event of an incident. All PII gathered from the school during the subscription period will be discarded at the end of the engagement.

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