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Child safety

We make Schools more Secure

Your child’s school is very likely doing its best to keep your child safe. Whether it is mandated by state law or they have chosen to do so themselves, you may have noticed CCTV cameras on campus and security guards at the gate. However, these measures rely entirely on human supervision to avert unpleasant situations. They also do not address the potential for human error and the need to monitor the guards themselves.

VeriHelp has developed the VeriHelp Secured Schools (VSS) program to address these safety concerns. This program consists of sensors, powered by our proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology, that can detect intruders, identify medical emergencies, and recognize high-risk behavior that typically precedes a crime. These sensors instantly alert the school authorities, enabling them to intervene and avert incidents before they escalate.

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State-of-the-art Technology
to Protect your Child

VeriHelp Secured Schools are empowered with actionable alerts from a system that runs around the clock, allowing them to provide the right assistance exactly when it is needed.

Detect Unauthorized Presence

Even in crowded areas, VeriHelp’s A. I. sensors will detect an intruder on the premises, as well as incidents where a person (staff or student) has entered an prohibited zone, and send alerts to designated individuals on their mobile and email.

Prevent Unapproved Student Departure

VeriHelp's sensors can detect whether a student is leaving the campus without proper authorization, whether by themselves during school hours or with an adult escort who is not recognized as a parent or approved guardian.

Identify Abnormal Behaviors

VeriHelp’s A. I. sensors can detect behavioral aberrations, without human biases, that could indicate an undesirable incident and raise an alert immediately. This ranges from an unusual presence of an adult-child pair in a room to physical actions that may indicate violence, or an unsteady gait that could indicate inebriation.

Recognize Medical Emergencies

VeriHelp’s A. I. sensors can distinguish between normal and unusual physical behaviors that could imply a medical emergency that may be missed by the naked eye. The alerts triggered immediately can save precious minutes that make all the difference in saving a life.

Spread the Word

Make your Child's School VeriHelp Secured

It is our collective responsibility to ensure the safety of our children. At VeriHelp, we have developed technology designed to secure and protect students, while ensuring their privacy. Together, let us make schools a safer place for our children.

Encourage your child’s school to become VeriHelp Secured today! Send us an email on or fill up the form on the Contact page with the details of your school. One of our associates will reach out to the school administrators and assist them in adopting the VeriHelp Secured Schools program at their campus.