What Makes VSS the best Choice?

No other security solution available today is able to prevent a safety incident from occurring.

All current measures available to schools, such as CCTV Cameras and Security Guards, are reactive measures at best. They are also completely or partially human-reliant, making them inherently flawed and prone to failure.

In a huge differentiator, VSS sensors can protect even the most private and vulnerable locations in a school - individual toilet stalls. In deep privacy mode, the VSS system sends alerts without capturing images, thus protecting children while preserving their privacy.

Innovation for Humanity

A Seattle-headquartered Artificial Intelligence technology company, VeriHelp adapts advanced technologies to solve pervasive, everyday problems.

At VeriHelp, we believe that technology must be harnessed for the greater good; that is why we have developed several innovative and patented or patent-pending technologies that focus on solving challenging, large-scale information asymmetry problems.

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