CCTVs and RFID are Pointless

CCTV Cameras and RFID Geo-Fencing at schools cannot protect children from sexual assault, bullying, and violence on campus - particularly in areas like toilet stalls. Only VeriHelp Secured Schools can do that!

Legally required security measures may help deter these crimes, but they do not prevent them. With innocent lives and reputations at stake, determent is not good enough.

VeriHelp uses revolutionary Artificial Intelligence to recognize and help neutralize potential security incidents.

Become a VeriHelp Secured School and prevent crimes before they occur on your campus.

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VSS Kiosk and Sensor
  • Continuous A.I.-Powered Monitoring Keeps Schools Safe


    Prevent Sexual Assault

    Receive warning of aberrant patterns that usually precede a crime, even inside toilet stalls

    Prevent Unapproved Student Departure

    Receive alerts if a student is leaving the campus without permission or without the approved guardian

    Detect Unauthorized Presence

    Receive real-time alerts about intruders and unauthorized entry into prohibited areas

    Recognize Medical Emergencies

    Faster response time can make all the difference when saving a life or addressing an injury

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Data sheet

Most Schools are Still Unequipped to Prevent Crimes

Schools in India remain vulnerable to on-campus crimes because of total reliance on human security and human-dependent security technologies.

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Family at Home
VeriHelp Mobile app for your Home

Manage your Domestic help and Secure your Home

Download the free VeriHelp mobile app to manage your domestic help with ease. Hire verified staff, secure your home, and offer incentives for good performance, all at no cost to you.

VeriHelp for Home

Innovation for Humanity

Headquartered in Seattle, VeriHelp is an applied research technology company that focuses on Artificial Intelligence to solve pervasive, everyday problems.

At VeriHelp, we believe that technology must be harnessed for the greater good; that is why we have developed several patented technologies that allow us to serve five industries with our pioneering solutions.

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